Big Game: The Ultimate App for Hunters

HT Big Game App: The Ultimate Hunting App

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The ultimate hunter's digital tool, the HT Big Game App provides hunters an easy to use, digital system for reporting their harvests, scheduling their hunting trips, and navigating their hunt zone.

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HT Big Game App Features:

HT Big Game App:
Harvest Report

With the HT Big Game App, hunters can report their harvests while in the field.  Right after bagging your big game, open the Big Game App and fill out a Harvest Report Card.  The app contains a full, digital version of the state issued reports including fields for CID No., WMU, animal specifics, and County and Township of kill.  The HT Big Game also allows you to store all your forms and records such as hunting licenses. 

HT Big Game App:
Season Schedule

With the HT Big Game App, hunters can easily keep track of hunting seasons.  With a few taps of the screen, hunters will always know which animals are in season and the dates of season openings and closings.  HT Big Game App also lets hunters know if seasons are statewide or restricted to certain areas.  Hunters can always turn to HT Big Game App to find out daily limits, season limits, and which method of hunting is allowed at a certain time.

HT Big Game App: Navigation System & S.O.S. Device
Hunters can always know where they are and which zone they are in with the HT Big Game App navigation system.  Especially useful for areas where four hunting zones meet, it is never a question if you've wandered too far from your path.  For the unfortunate moments that happen while on the hunt, HT Big Game App comes equipped with an emergency response S.O.S. system.

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Fabiano Lupo

“I am pleased to present a new and extremely useful tool to all my fellow hunters.”
–Fabiano Lupo

Fab, as he is referred to by his friends, grew up learning how to hunt under the tutelage of his father, an Italian-born man with a passion for rabbit hunting.  Fab began hunting with the aid of dogs and has since developed his skills with firearms and archery tools.

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